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SurfTech 4200

 Boron Carbide PVD Coating—Hard and Lubricious for Tough Applications

SurfTech 4200 boron carbide (B4C) PVD coating is the solution for when you need a hard, superior lubricious coating. It provides high wear resistance and resists chipping and cracking when stressed. 

When SurfTech® 4200 is applied to cutting tools, performance increases by 100% to 1000% depending on the prior coating used. 

Just check out this chart. One of our customers is an abrasive painting company. This chart shows the number of months the same cutting tool was in service when it was uncoated, TiN coated, and then coated with SurfTech 4200. The same cutting tool now lasts more than three times as long thanks to SurfTech 4200! 

4200chart (1)

Specially Engineered for Tough Applications 

SurfTech® 4200 boron carbide PVD coating has been specially engineered for the toughest applications. It’s an extremely hard wear resistant coating offering good lubricity and heat resistance. It reduces tool/component wear and improves overall performance. It won’t alter micro finishes or warp components.  

A broad range of materials can be coated with SurfTech 4200. This boron carbide PVD coating will not affect the temper, nor distort or soften the base material.  

No special tolerances are required due to the low thickness of the coatings and SurfTech’s stringent quality control. 

Multilayered for Additional Toughness 

SurfTech 4200 is a multilayer coating created with SurfTech’s one-of-a-kind low-temperature PVD process.  You can layer with more boron carbide or add SurfTech’s special blend coating that creates an even harder, more stable layer. For added lubricity, SurfTech 5000 can be coated over SurfTech 4200. 

Whatever You Need Your Coating to Accomplish, SurfTech Can Make It Happen 

We can custom tailor any of our coatings by increasing its wear resistance or lubricity, depending on the particular application. 

This unique coating has been used to coat: 

  • gun drills  
  • brazed carbide tools 
  • PCD-tipped tools 
  • cold heading dies 
  • forging dies 
  • injection molds  
  • form tools  
  • wear parts 
  • ceramic tools 
  • and more! 

Key Benefits and Uses of SurfTech 4200 Boron Carbide PVD Coating 

For Machining of Tough Abrasive Materials; Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, High Silicon Aluminum Alloys, and Stainless Alloys. 

  • SurfTech 4200 prevents built-up edge and chip packing in drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, broaching, hobbing, and other cutting operations. 
  • SurfTech 4200 prevents galling in wear components, forming, punching, and stamping applications. 

Extremely Hard Coating Which Can Be Applied To Any Cutting Tool 

  • SurfTech 4200 is extremely hard and its adherence is as strong as the base material itself.  
  • SurfTech 4200 provides constant lubrication right where it’s needed when it’s needed. 

For Precision Wear Components 

  • SurfTech 4200 offers a cost-effective alternative to messy lubricants for a variety of load bearing components and wear parts.  
  • It reduces or eliminates adhesive wear which can cause seizure and/or galling. 

Boron Carbide PVD Coating Technical Details 

  • Multilayer structure  
  • 1-3 µm thickness  
  • 4500 Vickers HK hardness  
  • Coefficient of friction: less than 0.4 
  • Operates at a maximum temperature of less than 1100°C  
  • Color: Gray/Black 


Find out if the SurfTech 4200 boron carbide PVD coating will work for you!   

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