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SurfTech 6212

SurfTech 6212 provides equal or better wear and performance.

SurfTech 6212 is a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) alternative that provides equal or better wear and performance (speeds and feeds increases) to the traditional DLC coatings by others where they apply this coating at extreme temperatures and electricity (not recommended due to potential for cobalt leaching and embrittlement). Done at low temperature, our DLC coating matches the other industry providers – and for even greater results we recommend our SurfTech 4253 coating… What makes SurfTech coatings unique or different?
  1. Low temperatures (below 200 F) eliminates the risk of cobalt leaching and hydrogen embrittlement
  2. We coat up sharp edges with 2-4 microns which means post-process grinding, buffing and resharpening isn’t needed in our process…sharp in ~ sharp out ~
  3. We can coat ceramics, glass, even plastics…try that with others
  4. Our Multilayer coating system allows us to fuse together the benefits of ultra-hard coating materials like boron carbide with lubricous moly disulfide. This provides a hardness up to 2x that of TiN while lowering the coefficient of friction in half…(see SurfTech coating chart)
Many people say they PVD Coat, “…at low temperature…” is there a difference?
  1. Others call 850-900F low temperature… we think above the point of boiling water (210F) is high temperature J
  2. We believe low temperature is below 200 F…this is where we coat.