SurfTech 6120 Series is a TiAlN coating that is applied by a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process at temperatures BELOW 200°F. The thickness of the coating is (2 – 4 µm) or approximately .0001 – .0002. The thin uniform nature of SurfTech® coatings allows exact duplication of the surface finish and will not alter the dimensional integrity . The SurfTech 6120 coating hardness is 3500 (Knoop). The coating offers higher speeds and feeds, especially for carbide tooling where operation temperatures are high. Our coating helps in keeping the heat away from the tool. Although the coating performs well in most applications, it has had its most success in D2 and cast iron type materials.


Coating Properties

  • Type of Process: PVDI (Physical Vapor Deposition, Ion Assisted)
  • Coating Structure: Multilayer coating
  • Coloration of coating: Dark Grey/Black
  • Thickness of coating: 2 – 4 microns
  • Hardness of coating: 3500 (Knoop)
  • Maximum operating
  • Temperature (ºC): <1000
Depending on your particular application and/or requirement, SurfTech® has a coating to meet your needs. Call our Sales Department to discuss your particular application and they will suggest the best coating to meet your needs.