SurfTech® 5000 Series is a MoS2 Nanolayer Multilayer coating applied at temperatures BELOW 200°F. It leaves a micro thin hard coating without altering micro finish or warpage of components.


On wear components, it acts like a gliding agent reducing the surface to surface, or part to part friction. On certain cutting tool applications, it works to dissipate heat and keep the heat from being transferred to the cutting tool. SurfTech® 5000 Series has been applied to gun drills, brazed carbide tools, and PCD tipped tools without affecting the brazed joint. It also works extremely well on cold heading dies, forging dies, injection molds, form tools, and wear parts.

SurfTech® 5000 has been specially engineered for the tough applications. SurfTech 5000 can be used as a stand-alone coating or it can be applied over most conventional hard coatings and surface treatments.

  • SurfTech’s process has been offered since 1995.
  • SurfTech 5000 significantly increases lubricity – far exceeding the lubricity gained by other “soft” coatings or other hard coatings alone. Benefits include reduced tool/component wear and galling (seizure), extended life and improved overall performance.
  • SurfTech with its low coating process temperatures allow coating of a broad range of materials, without affecting the temper, distorting or softening of the base material. SurfTech also coats brazed tooling, including PCD and ceramic tipped tools.
  • No special tolerances are required due to the low thickness of the coatings.
  • SurfTech 5000 can be applied over conventional hard coatings or can be used as a stand-alone coating.

Key Benefits And Uses

For Machining of Soft Gummy Materials such as; Aluminum. Aluminum Alloys – plus Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Coppers, Brasses and Steel Alloys.

  • SurfTech 5000 prevents built-up edge and chip packing in drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, broaching, hobbing and other cutting operations.
  • SurfTech 5000 prevents galling in wear components, forming, punching and stamping applications.

For Difficult Hard to Lubricate Applications or Semi-Dry to Dry Machining

  • SurfTech 5000 provides added lubrication for improvement in performance for tapping, or deep hole drilling, or small diameter drilling/reaming. SurfTech 5000 provides constant lubrication right where its needed when its needed.
  • SurfTech 5000 can be applied over high performance hard wear resistant coatings such as SurfTech 4000 or SurfTech 6120 to provide the best combination of wear resistance, heat resistance and lubricity for success in semi-dry to dry high speed machining.

For Precision Wear Components

  • SurfTech 5000 offers a cost effective alternative to messy lubricants for a variety of load bearing components and wear parts. It reduces or eliminates adhesive wear which can cause seizure and/or galling.

Custom Tailoring of Coating

  • SurfTech can custom tailor a coating by increasing the wear resistance or the lubricity of the coating, depending on the particular application.

Coating Properties

  • Type of Process: PVDI (Physical Vapor Deposition, Ion Assisted)
  • Coating Structure: Multilayer coating
  • Coloration of coating: Grey/Silver
  • Thickness of coating: 1 to 3 microns
  • Hardness of coating: 2900 Knoop
  • Maximum operating Temperatures (ºC): <750
  • Coefficient of Friction: <0.1