SurfTech 4656 is in the family of our 4000 series coating line. It is primarily made up of three different materials that are applied together in a matrix that gives it good lubricity along with very good abrasion and wear characteristics. SurfTech 4656 is applied at a thickness of 3 – 4 microns. As with our other coatings it will not affect the micro finish of the component that it is applied to nor will it affect the brazed joint of a gun drill. It also works extremely well on cold heading dies, forging dies, injection molds, form tools and wear parts.

Hardness abrasion resistance and its superior lubricious qualities, are the primary benefits of SurfTech 4656. It provides high wear resistance, yet remains tough and resists chipping and cracking when stressed.

SurfTech® 4656 has been specially engineered for the tough applications found in machining of exotic alloys stainless steels, and tool steels. It has also been used for wear parts, punches and dies for stamping or forming of metals.

Coating Properties

  • Type of Process: PVDI (Physical Vapor Deposition, Ion Assisted)
  • Coating Structure: Multilayer coating
  • Coloration of coating: Dark Grey/Black
  • Thickness of coating: 3 – 4 microns
  • Hardness of coating: 4700 Knoop
  • Maximum Operating
  • Temperatures (°C): <1100
  • Coefficient of Friction: <0.4