SurfTech 4253 | Boron Carbide Molybdenum Disulfide PVD
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SurfTech 4253

“In a high performance (close tolerance, high speed and feed) CBN application, we saw a 20% increase in tool life for less than a 4% increase in cost when using Surftech 4253.” 

Dan C.

Boron Carbide/Molybdenum Disulfide PVD Coating—Our Most Popular Coating

SurfTech 4200 PVD coating is SurfTech’s most popular coating for a reason. It layers the benefits of an ultra-hard coating material, like boron carbide, with lubricious moly disulfide. It is a hard, lubricious coating that not only helps increase wear by reducing friction but also keeps the material you’re cutting from sticking to the tool.   Harder Than TiN  This provides hardness up to 2 times that of the industry standard TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating When applied to cutting tools performance increases by 100%  to 1000%.  Multilayered for Extra Strength  The power of SurfTech 4253 comes from its nanotech, multilayered structure.  We build a sandwich in which we control the thickness of each layer for increased; 1) lubricity,  2) hardness,  3) ability to dissipate heat, and 4) abrasion resistance. This not only holds true for cutting tool applications but for wear components as well.     fig. 1fig. 1.1 SurfTech 4253 provides extreme hardness and lubricity by layering SurfTech® 4200 with SurfTech 5300.     SurfTech can also produce multilayer coatings by combining any of its current lists of coatings.    This unique, multilayered coating has been used to coat: 
  • Cutting tools, especially those cutting nonferrous materials such as aluminum and copper as the molybdenum disulfide keeps the material from sticking.  
  • Industrial blades as the boron carbide layers extend blade life and the molybdenum disulfide gives it cleaner cutting characteristics. Customers have shown a 20x life improvement. 
  • Coating ceramic inserts for cutting cast iron. Customers have seen a 30% increase in speed and feeds and a 20% increase in the life of the inserts when using SurfTech 4253.  
 Key Benefits And Uses of SurfTech 4253  Boron Carbide/Molybdenum Disulfide PVD Coating  For Machining of Tough Abrasive Materials; Cast Iron, Nodular Iron, High Silicon Aluminum Alloys, and Stainless Alloys. 
  • SurfTech 4253 prevents built-up edge and chip packing in drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, broaching, hobbing and other cutting operations. 
  • SurfTech 4253 prevents galling in wear components, forming, punching and stamping applications. 
Extremely Hard Coating Which Can Be Applied To Any Cutting Tool 
  • SurfTech 4253 is extremely hard and its adherence is as strong as the base material itself. It provides constant lubrication right where it’s needed when it’s needed. 
For Precision Wear Components 
  • SurfTech 4253 offers a cost-effective alternative to messy lubricants for a variety of load bearing components and wear parts. It reduces or eliminates adhesive wear which can cause seizure and/or galling. 
Custom Tailoring of Coating 
  • SurfTech can custom tailor a coating by increasing the wear resistance or the lubricity of the coating, depending on the particular application. 
Boron Carbide/Molybdenum Disulfide PVD Coating Technical Details 
  • Multilayer structure  
  • 1-3 µm thickness  
  • 4500 Vickers HK hardness  
  • Coefficient of friction: less than 0.1 
  • Operates at a maximum temperature of less than 1100°C 
  • Color: Gray or Silver 
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