SurfTech 3012 chromium nitride (CrN) PVD coating is the solution for coating blades, knives, ceramics, plastics and other materials that come in contact with food.   SurfTech 3012 is one of the few FDA-approved surface coatings for repeat-use food processing and food packaging equipment to prevent abrasive wear to the components of the equipment.  It is the only such coating to use SurfTech’s exclusive non-bias, low-temperature (below 200º F!) Ion-Assisted PVD coating process. With our PVD coating process, non-conductive and heat-sensitive materials such as ceramics and hardened steel can now be coated—extending the lives of these components.   Chrome Pvd Coating & Chromium Nitride: A Hard, Corrosion-Resistant Coating  SurfTech® 3012 is a hard lubricous coating. Chromium nitride is harder than other coatings such as Teflon and TiN. It also excels at resisting corrosion.   It is applied at low temperatures (BELOW 200°F) at thicknesses of 1 – 3 µm using the same equipment as the other SurfTech® coatings.  It extends the life of an uncoated component by 3-5 times.  Keeps Blades Sharper Longer  SurfTech 3012 is popular for coating blades used in food processing. SurfTech’s unique alternative Chrome PVD coating process keeps sharp edges sharp and removes the “teardrop” effect caused by the traditional PVD coating process.  This unique coating has been used to coat: 
  • blades for cutting pasta, meat, fish, or shrimp 
  • wear components in food processing plants 
  • blades used in a corrosive environment (salt water) for corrosion resistance 
  • And more! 
Cost-Effective PVD Coating  Its one-layer structure and quick run time make this one of SurfTech’s least expensive coatings.  Chromium Nitride Coating Technical Details 
  • Single (mono) structure  
  • 1-3 µm thickness  
  • 2400 Vickers HK hardness  
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.6 
  • Operates at a maximum temperature of less than 600°C  
  • Color: Gray/Silver 
  • Chemical Stability: Excellent 
SurfTech’s FDA Letter:   SurfTech 3012 FDA FCN 1590  SurfTech’s Food Contact Substance Notification on the FDA website:  See How Others are Using SurfTech 3012 American Cutting Edge case study  

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