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PTFE Coatings

PTFE Coatings from SurfTech, When You Need a Low Friction and Lubricous Coating 

PTFE coatings, commonly known as Teflon*, have the third-lowest coefficient of friction (as low as 0.02) of any known solid material. This makes it a superior coating for resisting wear and corrosion—even under extreme pressures.  

Renown for its lubricous qualities, SurfTech’s PTFE coatings can increase the life of your products by reducing the wear and tear it receives from day-to-day operations. Its slippery surface and low friction make it a top choice where sliding action of parts occur, such as cutting blades, piston skirts, slide plates, gears, plain bearings, and more.  

It is tough and strong, yet flexible—able to bend freely and repeatedly without breaking.  

PTFE/Teflon coatings adhere well to most metals, plastics, ceramics, and even to itself (most formulations).  

PFTE Coating Technical Details 

  • Single (mono) structure 
  • 10-25 µm thickness 
  • 900 HK hardness 
  • Operates at a maximum temperature of less than 400°C 

PTFE Coating Colors 

Several color options are available for cosmetic or compliance needs, though gray and black are the most popular options. 

PTFE coating is a spray-on or screen-printed coating. PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. 

*Teflon is a brand name owned by the Chemours Company. 

Find out if PTFE coatings will work for you!  

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