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Can coatings really extend mold wear-life?

Can coatings help minimize or eliminate the need for release agents?

Yes they can!!!


With SurfTech coatings, you can achieve outstanding mold performance and extend the wear life. In today’s fast-paced, ever-growing and highly competitive marketplace, molders of plastics and/or rubber face very demanding challenges.  Part designs are becoming more complex, cross sections and walls are becoming thinner and designs are requiring little or no draft.  Engineering resins with corrosive flame-retardants or minerals that are erosive, create problems with mold performance in the areas of wear, corrosion, and part release. When molds don’t perform properly and require ongoing unexpected maintenance, it leads to lost production, (which costs you money.)  When parts don’t eject properly, it leads to lost product/production, (which costs you money.)  When production schedules aren’t met for these reasons, it can jeopardize good relations with your customers. Such real world demands call for the next generation of coatings. Unlike traditional coatings, SurfTech’s multilayer thin film coatings, deliver to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Outstanding Coating Properties:

  • Wear resistance: Hardness 92 – 95 Rc.
  • Superior Lubricity: Less than 0.1
  • Chemical Resistance: Works with all cutting fluids: oil, water-soluble and quasi-dry misting.
  • Application Temperatures: Less than 200ºF
These properties are unmatched by any traditional coatings, including titanium nitrides, tungsten or molydisulfides, or chrome and other nickel based coatings. No other coating can offer the extended protection and performance of coatings.