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Aluminum PVD Coating & Titanium Coatings

Is This a Familiar Sight?

When Machining : Aluminums, Brasses, Coppers, Nickels, Titaniums…

As Well As Other Soft, Gummy, Hard To Machine Materials

Can a Thin Film Coating Prevent This From Happening? Yes It Can!!!


With SurfTech Aluminum PVD Coating, titanium nitride coatings (TiN coating) and other thin film coatings, you can not only prevent this, but you can: (1) improve your surface finishes, (2) increase production {less tool changes, less scrap parts}, (3) decrease tool usage {increased tool life, less tool breakage}, (4) decrease tool costs, {use carbide in place of PCD tipped tools, HSS tools in place of carbide}. In today’s fast-paced, ever growing and highly competitive marketplace, it is becoming imperative to have an edge over your competition.  Part designs are becoming more complex, tighter tolerances, better finishes, all while trying to machine them at a lower price.  These hard to machine materials are creating problems with tool performance in the areas of wear, breakage, and overall production. When tools don’t perform properly and require added unexpected maintenance, or down time, it leads to lost production, which cost you money.  When the materials you are machining “stick” to the tools, it costs you money,  or even your customers. Such real world demands call for and require a real world titanium coating. Unlike traditional coatings, SurfTech’s multilayer thin film coatings, deliver a unique combination of properties to meet your needs.

Outstanding Coating Properties:

Wear resistance: Hardness 92 – 95 Rc. Superior Lubricity: Less than 0.1 Chemical Resistance: Works with all cutting fluids: oil, water-soluble and quasi-dry misting. Application Temperatures: Less than 200ºF These properties are unmatched by any traditional coatings, including titanium nitrides, tungsten or molydisulfides, or chrome and other nickel based coatings. No other coating can offer the extended protection and performance of coatings. Call us for Aluminum PVD Coating.