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The SurfTech Story

Developed for Space…Here for You.

SurfTech’s patented coatings and processes were developed for the USA Space Program to coat ultra-sensitive metals and ceramic coatings where harder and more lubricous requirements were needed to tackle the toughest conditions. The brightest PHD minds came together to create non-bias applied Thin Film Coatings at the nano-layer. SurfTech was born from this process by commercializing the capability and applying it to various industries.

The Next Generation Of Coatings Is Here!

Next generation of coating? That’s a pretty bold statement, but, we feel that as the technologies for machines and cuttings tools reach their limits, that the next step for improvement of machining lies with coatings. SurfTech with its unique technology is one of the companies that will be leading the way.

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SurfTech coatings solve real problems now and into the future!

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