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SurfTech Inc – 11/30/15 – for immediate release – FDA approved nanotechnology products -SurfTech 3012 Nanotechnology Coating

SurfTech Inc, a surface technologies house based in Austinburg Ohio has received the FDA’s approval for food contact substances (FCN) of SurfTech 3012, one of several nanotechnology thin film coatings developed and created by the company. This thin film coating is used to extend the life of cutting tools, blade and devices in food equipment processing.

FDA approved Nanotechnology products is an important channel for the company, “We’re excited to get the FDA’s seal of approval of our first submission on one of our many blade-life extending coatings” says Nico Cottone, President & CEO. “Our low temperature (200F) non biased system allows us to coat upsharpe edges of blades, plastics and other traditionally difficult materials that can’t take the heat most PVD systems present”, he goes on to say. “Moving from industrial applications to the food industry allows more customers to enjoy and experience longer life of tools and equipment”

SurfTech Inc has been providing thin film and traditional PFTE and industrial coatings since 1996 in Northeast Ohio. For more information contact the company at 440-275-3356 or ercsurftech.com
he FDA’s approval letter can be found here. SurfTech 3012 FDA FCN 1590