5 Great Tips for Improving Your Project QAQC
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5 Great Tips for Improving Your Project QAQC

Poor quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) can lead to schedule delays, increased costs, and safety risks in a construction project. Improving QAQC starts with putting in place a quality management system (QMS) that is specifically tailored to your construction project and you can learn more about brass PVD coating. Why are we saying this? Because construction quality control implies that the quality manager can effectively manage the  quality assurance and quality control process – and they can only do so if they have an effective QMS.

A cloud-based platform that allows for real-time monitoring and reporting on quality assurance and quality control metrics is ideal for the quality management system. The five suggestions below are for features to look for in a QMS system.

  1. Ready-to-go Templates For Inspection Consistency

One of the most important QAQC features to look for in a quality management system is turnkey templates. These templates simplify inspection procedures and ensure that inspections are carried out consistently across all projects. Consistency is important because it reduces errors and saves time and resources.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control  is fraught with inconsistencies due to human error when using manual-based inspection processes such as paper-based inspection forms or spreadsheets.

  1. Track Quality Control Progress And Deviations Automatically

A QMS should include real-time monitoring and reporting tools to help you keep track of progress and identify areas for improvement. This can be accomplished through the use of automatic deviation alerts, progress dashboards that show upcoming and missed inspections, and other metrics or chrome PVD coating. You can stay on top of  quality assurance and quality control progress and take action to resolve issues as they arise with this level of visibility.

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  1. Use Progress Dashboards to See Upcoming And Missed Inspections

Another important feature of a QMS is the ability to easily track activity through the use of real-time dashboards. Tracking tools display QAQC progress, upcoming and missed inspections, key metrics like quality indicators or KPIs, and other information. With this level of insight into QAQC performance, you can proactively identify and resolve issues before they have a negative impact on your project.

  1. Automate Monthly ITP Project Compliance Submittals

QMS platforms should automate monthly ITP project submittals to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements. This can be accomplished by using automated alerts to  quality assurance and quality control deviations or by automatically generating quality reports that are submitted for review to your team or the quality control manager.

  1. Set up The Overall Project Inspection Plan Using Inspection And Test Plan Templates

An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) template, which allows you to set up your entire QAQC process prior to starting work on a project, is a key feature in a QMS. Establishing inspection plans, scheduling inspections, and determining quality control and quality assurance activities to be carried out are all part of this. A quality management system (QMS) should also provide users with ready-to-use templates for inspections and quality control processes, which will help to ensure consistency during QAQC activities.

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